What is Royal Bastards?

Royal Bastards is a politically correct incorrect game of intrigue, corruption, and backstabbing.  Where every Royal Bastard wants to be King! All to gain the throne of his highness, Richard “Dick” Greathart, a most loved ruler. Since King Richard did not leave an heir, you, as one of his many descendants are racing to gain control of the now empty throne, but you’ll have to contend with the MANY other bastards doing the same, will you earn enough support in the territories that King Richard ruled for so many years in peace, or like your now deceased father, have your history be discovered by the populace sending you to ruin? 

Royal Bastards Back Story

Once upon a time in the year 647, the lands of Joda had never been more peaceful and prosperous.  The Orcs, Goblins, and Trolls of the Murkwood Fens put down their weapons of war and had begun peace talks.  The residents of the Golden Fields, Humans and Halflings, ascended from farmers to philosophers.  The Dwarves and Giants of the Iron Mountains forged strong bonds.  Elves, Gnomes, and Centaurs frolicked in the Magnificent Wilds.  Even Demons, Dragon-Kin, and the Lycans lived in fantastic times of abundance and fortune in the Wither.

This unprecedented era was brought to Joda by good King Richard “Dick” Greathart.  A benevolent ruler and a fierce defender of his people, King Richard brought peace to the world through compassion and caring to every single citizen on Joda.  The King spent his days in friendly discussions with each race’s leaders and each night in friendlier discussions in the bars and taverns.

King Richard was so beloved by his kingdom that all the races gathered together and bestowed a longevity potion upon him, further extending his life.  But at the ripe old age of 186, his body could take no more.

The King summoned his harem of trusted advisers to his bedroom for one last “meeting.”

Richard died peacefully in his sleep in the spring of 647, surrounded by friends.  Having never taken a wife, King Richard Greathart left no legitimate heir to his crown.

During his miraculous One hundred fifty-two-year reign, the good King loved ALL his subjects.  Illegitimate sons and daughters of every race spring up from all over the lands of Joda declaring they had the right to ascend to the throne.  The elders from each region gathered to determine how a new king was to be crowned.

They decreed that each Bastard must gain the support of the citizens of each Territory to become king.

Each Royal Bastard now asserts his or her case and gathers followers and support throughout Joda to be the one to claim the crown!


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Royal Bastards Rules Guide

The Complete Bastards Guide to Becoming King

Royal Bastards Kickstarter Release Teaser

Royal Bastards is live on Kickstarter July 16th

Game play Walk Through

This video will detail how to play Royal Bastards, each step of the game is covered.

When can you get a copy?

Well, we are currently working hard to get this to market.  Our plans are to get this amazing game to Kickstarter on July 16th 2019.  Please sign up for updates on our main page to be notified of any new updates.  We WANT to hear from you!