Frequently Asked Questions (Royal Bastards)

How do we determine who is the first player to start the game?

All map tiles need to be shuffled and handed out to each player evenly until no more remain.  The player with the Joda City map tile (red border on map tile) is considered the first player.

Whats the deal with the map tiles?

Our map tiles are magnetic, and will click together when near each other.  When the first map tile is placed (Joda City), the next player to the left will place a map tile that MUST attach to the first place map tile.

What is an Emissary?

Emissaries are representatives for your Royal Bastard.  They include a Champion (acquired at the turn 4 Festival), and the Herald (acquired at the turn 8 Festival).

How Many Action Cards do I Start With?

Each player starts out with 3 Action Cards.  Action Cards are refreshed to maximum hand size (3) at the end of each round.

What are Fortune and Skeleton Cards and who has them?

Fortunes are benefits and boons that Bastard Cards have, they are placed to the right of the Player Mat next to the specific Bastard Card it is attached to (Royal Bastard, Champion or Herald).

Skeleton Cards are dirty little secrets a Bastard Card may have.  You do NOT want other players to expose your Skeletons, therefore they start face down on the Player Mat to the left of the Bastard card they are attached to.  Skeleton Cards always begin face down until revealed in some way.  The Royal Bastard will start with 1 Fortune Card (face up) and 1 Skeleton Card (face down).  The Champion will start with a Skeleton Card (face down) to the left of the character on the Player Mat.  The Herald will start with a Fortune Card (face up) to the right of the character on the Player Mat.

How do I know which dice to roll for my characters?

The Player Mat will call out which specific dice you need to roll for which character (Royal Bastard 1d10, Champion 1d8 or Herald 1d6).

If you have more than 1 character in a territory for a Contest, you will add their die rolls and stats together for that Contest.